Entrepreneurs from Indian B-Schools

The September issue of Outlook magazine has an article on entrepreneurs from Indian B-Schools (the article can be read here). Among those featured are Nitin Vyakaranam and Suparna Chopra, my batch mates at ISB. Way to go !!!!!!

(Thanks to Amit Sharma for the link)

5 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs from Indian B-Schools

  1. Just yesterday I and my colleague were discussing his management study ambitions. I asked him why not the IIMs/ISB/FMS/ICFAI/XLRI/Bajaj IM etc. and he mentioned that most Management graduates from Management Schools in India prefer to land a good job rather than become entrepreneurs. And today I am reading a Outlook India article (courtesy you) that starts with the same sentence and goes on to show few entrepreneurs.

    Can entrepreneurship be taught? Does our management school system prepare folks to plunge right ahead with promising enterprises or to be number crunchers/bean counters/analysts, albeit with lucrative remuneration?

    Your thoughts?

  2. My take is that basic tools an aspiring entrepreneur might require can be taught. A lot can be learnt, especially about what to do and what not to, based on the study of experience of other entrepreneurs. Beyond this, it is all up to the individual(s).

  3. well what i think is learning never goes waste. its up to u to think if u have time for it or not. according to me a good degree from a promising college is always good,because it make people understand about what your abilities are moreover this could help u in making people believe in your thoughts, coz


    In this world people look for scores and marks but they don’t score people for their thoughts.

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