18 thoughts on “2007-2008 Chennai (December) Music Season Schedule

  1. Thank you ram for giving schedule so much in advance.

    I am happy that you still write about lecture demonstrations even though you stopped writing about concerts. Your article on ravi kiran lecture demonstration was very helpful.

  2. i need more information reg shri. t,m.krishna’s concert during dec 2007. i could find only 2 concerts . i ave to book the tickets as it is a holiday season please help me. dec 27 at academy and on 28 at one more place. please let me know whether he has programmes from 23 to 26. it will be realy helpful for me. thanks,bhuvaneswari sethuraman

  3. Unfortunately I do not have information on TMK’s schedule for the season yet except for the few concerts about which I have already posted. Will update the list as soon as more information is available.

    In case you need to book your tickets urgently, you can go ahead and do so as planned. TMK is a very busy artist and if we go by past trends, he should surely have more concerts during the dates you have indicated here.

  4. That is possible. I do not know if you can do it on the internet though. I think some of the sabhas have opened ticket bookings for the season. You should be able to buy through any of your contacts in Chennai, if you are unable to do so personally.

  5. TMKrishna’s Season Schedule…….
    2 Sunday Karthik Fine Arts
    5 Wednesday Brahma Gana Sabha
    10 Monday Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha
    13 Thursday Ramana Kendra
    15 Saturday Sruthilaya
    19 Wednesday Bharat Kalachar
    21 Friday Narada Gana Sabha
    23 Sunday Mylapore Fine Arts
    24 Monday Krishna Gana Sabha
    25 Tuesday Parthasarathy Swami Sabha
    27 Thursday The Music Academy
    28 Friday Indian Fine Arts
    29 Saturday Kalarasana

  6. Please let me know if any one will be broadcasting through the internet the Dec Chennai Music concerts? Thanks

  7. Sir,

    I am in Hyderabad and plan to come for the music season. I have my house in Mylapore. So I am looking for programmes in Mylapore fine arts, Narada gana sabha, Rasika ranjani sabha,Music academy and also at krishnagana sabha. My favouite artists are: Sanjay subramaniam, T,m. Krishna, Bombay jayashree, and Ranjani gayatri. Classic lecture demonstration at music academy on all days. Can you help me?

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