One thought on “The Sethusamudram Project

  1. An ecological disaster !! This Project has now reached the heights ‘ego clashes’. A fight amongst political parties to market themselves , and be in the limelight of all the morning,midday, evening newspapers… x, y and Z TV channels and ofcourse this BLOG space too….

    A whopping expenditure on spade work, then construction and God only knows, if this will ever see completion….

    A simple flyover roads at the Kathipara junction… seems like they are building a road to the moon…..

    And a stretch of just about 5 kms of MRTS between Taramani and Velachery is still to become operational…..

    And does anyone think of Sethusamudram Project ( close your eyes and measure its magnitude for 10 seconds..) ever ever be completed ? Well…. once it gets started, then all these parties will certainly have an issue to debate forever for another century or two… as to who will complete and who will inaugurate !!!

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