Jab We Met

I was very skeptical when my friend “O” suggested this movie. I was not sure I wanted to watch a Kareena starrer, that too a show on the first day. But we decided to take the risk the moment he said Imtiaz Ali was the director and also because I wanted some break from the crazy schedule at work … and I must say we made the right choice.

There are so many positives that make it a good movie to watch – the performance by the star cast (yes … I was surprised someone could make Kareena act so well, that too in a bubbly, cheerful, too-much-talkative role), the dialogs, the direction and the smooth flow, just to cite a few. There were some shots that brought out the situations so well, even though there were no dialogs in the background. Take for example the one where Shahid leaves his cellphone/car keys on top of his car or the one where he drops his tie on the ground. Another shot which will stay in my mind for a long time to come is the one that introduces Dara Singh 🙂

There were some obvious loopholes, but they all get overshadowed by the way the movie has been made. The music has been made using cutting-edge technology i.e, cut from many places and pasted together. Some songs have been forcefully fit and introduce unwanted breaks in the story.

Overall a very good experience and a must watch, if you love romantic movies.

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