The most entertaining news channel?

This is what can be seen on news channels after India’s win over Australia:

Aaj Tak: Buraayi par acchayi ki jeet (Is this ramleela?)

Sahara Samay: Sab bacche RP bhaiyya ki tarah banna chaahte hain

NDTV 24×7: This story will be part of folklore. Young kids will be told about how India won at Perth. Ishant Sharma is master of all trades, jack of none.

It would be so difficult to pick up one channel for the most entertaining news channel award, especially with “Sherry Sir” leading the charge at NDTV 24×7. Here is what Sherry Sir and the lady at NDTV 24×7 had to say about RP Singh: “His ball is more beautiful than Priyanka Chopra” …. hmmm …. wonder what that means.

My vote would go for Aaj Tak. Only DD’s Hindi commentary can give them competition 🙂

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