Jodhaa Akbar – A must watch

Just brilliant. No two words about it.

There are so many things to keep raving about. For the moment, I am happily lost in A.R. Rahman’s music, syncing it up with the video and admiring all the nuances that I can currently comprehend.

3 thoughts on “Jodhaa Akbar – A must watch

  1. ram, how could you like that movie? 😉
    the movie is full of pedagogy, overemphasis on petty stuff (jodhaa preparing food), too lengthy and most of the times loud/boring’s probably the worst movie from ashutosh gowarikar and it seems he has forgotten the meaning of ‘subtle’ direction.. i felt as if i was in a classroom and the director was teaching me history from the need not spend 200 bucks to watch this movie..i could see ppl leaving the theatre within first 15 minutes of this movie..
    bombay/delhi aaja ram..

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