I am speechless. Hats off to Kamal Hassan. This film must be watched for all the hard work he has put in, if not for anything else. All avatars have been portrayed well, though I felt at least one of them didn’t fit into the story at all. Special effects are too good at most places. Sometimes I just forgot if this was indeed a Tamil movie. A prominent disappointment though is the music. I cannot help but imagine how the songs would have been had A.R. Rahman been at work. But Kamal Hassan more than compensates.

Go grab your tickets expecting an entertainer, not a Kamal classic.

5 thoughts on “Dasavatharam

  1. Dear Ram


    already saw the movie…

    Who told him to ask Himesh to compose music for this mega project??? only he knows???

    After all Kamal is Kamaal, he rocks for sure.Yesterday saw Santosh Subrahmanyan..was good infact all the actors have acted well, liked the movie.


  2. Well .. Kamal seems to make a compromise in one department or the other in most films. Don’t know why this happens.

  3. a movie which failed to move hearts, but from theatres…

    its an un-sahikkable movie from kamalahaasan. the faces just resemble, the masks of vajpayee n manmohan that are used in ndtv discussions. may be this is a height of narcissm where kamal employed the mahanadhi technique ‘OPM’

    and the scenes where he converses with kalifulla, clearly shows it is shot using the ‘difference in distance’

    rather, it looks like sun tv’s malarum mottum or a fancy dress competition…

    may be you would have been tasting gothumai halwa (or iruttukkadai in theatre) while watching this and gone “speechless” 😀

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