Happy Birthday Iyerval!

You are one of my all time favorites and, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest musicians ever in the history of Carnatic Music. Your life and music has taught me so much and I am sure will continue to teach and influence me a lot more in the years to come. You are the Sangita Pitamaha. Here is wishing you, Sri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, a very Happy 100th Birthday!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Iyerval!

  1. semmangudi mama….. a name which energise-us by quality music…

    praNAms mAmA…. we miss you a lot…

  2. Hi Ram…. the pix were too good and was like a trip down to the place for unfortunate ones like us who are stuck in the daily business of life…. Thanks a million!!!

  3. Dear Ram,

    Yeah true indeed.Whole of carnatic music circle is remainded of this great man, ofcourse here nothing!!

    At this moment I am hearing to his Airport concert what a performance…

    A pleasure to listen to always.


  4. Dr Semmangudi Srinivasaier will be missed by one and all. He has written the foreword on a book by Smt Tara Balagopal, He recalled that My grandfather F G Natesa Iyer was wellknown and popular for my grand fathers contribution in Indian Drama and cine fields and as an actor of Shakespeare. The book on Pancharatna Kirtanas of swami Thigaraja in English with meaning and notation is my sisters contribution to the music world blessed by Semangudi.

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