Matrka & YACM organized a 6 day event from 5th Aug to 10 Aug 2008 aptly titled “Svanubhava“. The event comprised many educative sessions like lecture demonstrations, listening sessions, Q&A with artists and concerts and saw many music students including those from Kalakshetra, Govt Music College and the Music Academy participate. As confessed by many of the artists who took the sessions, it was probably for the first time that so many youngsters could be seen together attending an event related to Carnatic Music. It was a feast not only for the ears but for the stomach too with the benevolent Sri N. Murali of Krishna Sweets sponsoring lunch for all participants on all 6 days.

With work playing spoilsport, I could attend the sessions only on the last two days and must say that it was a very good experience. The presence of more black hair than gray was a welcome change in itself. It was heartening to see so many students of music come and attend the concerts. Their absence from the concerts that keep happening in the city and their clapping at all kinds of odd places during performances was testimony to the fact that they probably remain stuck to their college schedule and do not venture out that often to hear other artists perform. Some of the questions that were asked by the students were brilliant but I must confess that the answers from some of the artists often left a lot more to be desired.

The organizers must be congratulated for conceiving such an idea and organizing an event of this scale specifically for students of Classical Music. They must surely be one satisfied lot at the end of the fest. I do hope this excellent start is followed by many more of such events.

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