A really satisfying day!

Started the day with a beautiful lec dem on Dhrupad by Prof. Ritwik Sanyal at the Music Academy. The time allocated to him was too less to do justice to the topic. I would love to get an opportunity to spend more time with him and learn more about an art form that I love so much. An added advantage is that he comes from the tradition of the Dagars, who are easily my favorites when it comes to Dhrupad.

Moved from there to a lec dem on raga swarupam by Prof. S.R. Janakiraman, arguably one of the most knowledgeable speakers in Carnatic Music today and an able communicator. I think I can just sit for hours on end listening to him speak and hearing him sing. The session was very interesting and I was just left wanting for more when it finally ended.

Met a bunch of friends from the rasikas community and spent the afternoon with them.

TMK held the audience at Shri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha spellbound with his music in the evening. The phenomenal pUrvikalyANi RTP he sang made my day.  Heard from friends that Sanjay presented a great bhImpLAs RTP across the city for Tamil Isai Sangam at about the same time. Would have been great to hear that as well, but what to do. I love both Sanjay and TMK and they end up singing at the same time at different venues almost everyday.

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