Slumdog Millionaire

The Golden Globe Awards and the Oscar nominations would certainly pull crowds to this well thought out and well made movie. Though the movie has many positives, I would love to watch it again just for the way the kids have gone about doing their roles. Just brilliant stuff! Young Jamal and Salim’s expressions in the first few minutes of the movie were just awesome! Not to take credits away from the rest of the cast who have played their roles very well too. 

A.R. Rahman’s music just rocks. Given the limited scope for BGMs in this movie and given the theme of the movie itself, I felt ARR has once again proved his mettle.  Starting with “O Saya” right at the beginning, the music just seems to uplift the movie and hold it high up right till the very end. I especially loved “Mausam” and “Latika’s theme” and the way they were placed in the movie. 

For some unknown reason,  I have been addicted to Latika’s theme ….. I was listening to it in the afternoon and have been listening to it ever since I came back from the movie. A simple but haunting track. Way to go ARR!

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