Slow, melodious, soulful songs – 1

Destination Infinity tagged me to list my favorite songs (slow, melodious and soulful). I guess the tag was mainly for listing my favorite Carnatic music songs but I thought of taking it up first for songs from Hindi movies.  Here are the ones that readily came to my mind when I closed my eyes and thought for about 10 minutes. I am sure there are many more that I like a lot but am not able to recall readily.

  • Seeli hawa chu gayi (Movie: Libaas)
  • Man tarpat hari darshan ko aaj (Movie: Baiju Bawra)
  • Chandan sa badan (Movie: Saraswati Chandra)
  • Sawan aaye ya na aaye (Movie: Dil Diya Dard Liya)
  • Bheeni bheeni bhor (Movie: Rishtey Bante Hain)
  • Raina beeti jaaye (Movie: Amar Prem)
  • Naina neer bahaye (Movie: Water)
  • Piya ho (Movie: Water)
  • Ishwar Allah (Movie: 1947 Earth)
  • Hothon se chu lo tum (Movie: Prem Geet)
  • Tumko dekha toh yeh khayal aaya (Movie: Saath Saath)
  • Kahan se aaye badra (Movie: Chashme Baddoor)
  • E ajnabi tu bhi kabhi (Movie: Dil Se)
  • Dil dhoondta hai phir wahi (Movie: Mausam)
  • Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein (Movie: Kabhi Kabhi)
  • Megha chaaye aadhi raat (Movie: Sharmili)
  • Man mohana (Movie: Jodhaa Akbar)
  • Jhuti mooti mitwa (Movie: Rudali)
  • Kuhu kuhu bole koyaliya (Movie: Swarna Sundari)


Will take up the Carnatic tag soon.

10 thoughts on “Slow, melodious, soulful songs – 1

  1. Thanks for doing the tag. I am not familiar with a lot of songs mentioned here. Need to listen to them. But since I don’t have broadband at home, will listen to them in the next week and comment on my favorites among them.

    Destination Infinity

    1. I must actually thank you. My memory got refreshed with these songs only because of your tag. Its been quite some time since I listened to some of these and I guess these songs will keep running in a loop on my player for the next few days.

  2. When the tag asks you to list Carnatic songs, do that. yen nee hindi paatu ellam list panni hindi audience kku unne position pannikkare? don’t you realize it is too late in the day? 🙂

  3. Ram,
    Awesome list except for 3-4 rest would figure in mine too.
    Few that would go in mine include

    “jab deep jale aaana..jab shyam dale” (sad part, dont know film names)

    “Phoolon ka taron ka…sabka kehna hey…”

    “pyaar mein hota hey kya jaaadu…..”

    “jab koi baath bigad jaaye…koi muskil pad jaaye.”

    Offlate man mohana has become so popular n fav even with my parents because i set that as my alarm!

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