2 states – the story of my marriage (Chetan Bhagat)

Chetan Bhagat’s “2 states – the story of my marriage(Fiction, Rupa & Co., Oct 2009), said to be inspired from happenings in his own life, is a story of how two IIM-A classmates – Krish Malhotra (a Punjabi boy) and Ananya Swaminathan  (a Tamil girl) fall in love with each other but have to deal with the problem of their parents not agreeing to their marriage.

Though the plot is very predictable and very much like the way most Bollywood movies would tackle such a subject, Chetan kept my attention throughout with his simple, witty writing. Having lived in the north (with many Punjabi friends) and by virtue of my living now in Chennai, I could relate to a lot of things Chetan has written. Given that Chetan’s books usually come across as apt material or as inspiration for movie scripts, we will have to see if a movie is made out of this one. Or may be he wrote the book with a movie project in mind/ already signed.

2 thoughts on “2 states – the story of my marriage (Chetan Bhagat)

  1. A movie would be complimentary to Ek Duje Keliye A Tamil boy and Punjabi girl. Let us look forward to this new version when it happens.

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