An Android app for Music Season 2011

Shri Yessel Narasimhan and Shri Girish Hariharasubramani have developed an Android app for Music Season 2011. Please find below details on the same, in their own words, and the link for download:


Download link:


For the first time in the history of the Chennai Music Season, Clairvoyant is pleased to present “Music Season 2011” that will be your complete guide to the calendar of events of the music season on your Android phone.

Concerts will be searchable by Artist, Sabhas and Dates. You can also share your experiences with your friends by associating images, audio and comments live as you watch a concert. For instance, if you are experiencing a great raga alapana of an artist, you can record the alapana, take a picture, add comments and share it with your friends immediately.

Here is a description of the features:

1. The “Concerts” option allows users to browse all the concerts across the different Sabhas. Use the “Filter” feature to view concerts by Artist, Date, and Sabha.

2. The “Create” option lets you create a PhotoTrack – Record a 30-sec audio track, link this track to an image of the artist, add comments to the track and instantly share it online.

3. The “Home” option is a set of all PhotoTracks, that have been created by you.

4. The “Feed” option is a collection of the most popular PhotoTracks & the most recent PhotoTracks from other users in the community

5. The “Avatar” option lets you pick an avatar using which you can communicate with the community


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