Umayalpuram 80


We are celebrating the 80th birthday of my guru Umayalpuram Dr. K. Sivaraman sir on 5th December 2015 at the Music Academy, Chennai. A plethora of contemporary stars from the performing arts field gather to perform and celebrate this momentous occasion and pay tribute to the living legend.

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One thought on “Umayalpuram 80

  1. Dear Ram I hope you remember your visit to woodlands to spend some time with me over breakfast in 2010 I will be in madras from nov 29th to dec 4th and again from dec24th to26th During the first trip I will stay in IIT guest house and during the second trip in woodlands If there are concerts by abhishek,rajni and gayatri and Sikkil gurucharan during that time I would like to case you know the date and time of their performance,kindly inform dr.ramchand and his secretary,Amutha who will be my hosts so that they can try to get tickets In case you will be free to meet me one of the days I will be in madras kindly inform my hosts I hope you are still in your professional job and continue mrithangam on the side Regards-cvr C.v.ramakrishnan

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