Win with Clarity

At Business Clinique, we organize a free webinar every month. This month’s webinar is on “Win with Clarity” by Dr. T.T. Srinath. You can register for the same at .

So what’s this webinar about?

Each of us have had many successes in our life. Have we examined what strengths helped us succeed? Doing this may give insights into “how” we succeeded besides the “what” or “why”.
“Win with Clarity” helps you become aware of these building blocks for you to continue to succeed going forward. You can then practice repeating this “how” with awareness and mindfulness.

Dr. Srinath is a well known personal growth trainer, coach and author. He has worked with more than 120 CXOs and senior management professionals. He has helped them gain clarity over the choices they have and use it to fulfill their ambitions.

The “Win with Clarity” sessions that Dr. Srinath does are completely experiential. They help you:

  • assess your current thinking
  • examine your assumptions
  • discover what may be limiting you
  • seek clarity on the outcome you desire
  • recognize the NEED in you, to be met
  • recognize the manner in which you can pursue the need

Want to win with clariity? It takes just 2 sessions of 2 hours each. Reach us at .

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