One of the coachees I work with often feels jealous of others’ success. The trigger could be the news of a college batchmate’s company getting funding. Or a neighbor getting promoted at work. Or the sudden revelation of a relative’s salary being higher than his. Or someone’s video getting a lot of likes and comments on social media.

When such a thing happens to us, we often focus on the outcome. Not on the path the person has travelled to get there.

Here is what helped my coachee.

1) If such a thought arises, find out what the person has done or does every day that has led to the “success”. Understand what he or she does through the day, every day, that has enabled him/her to reach there.

2) Ask yourself if you are willing to do that every day. The work that has got them to where they are today.

3) If the answer is yes, it reveals what you can do or develop in yourself. Go ahead and do it.

If the answer is no, then why get disturbed? Congratulate and move on.

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