One common theme across the people I have had the opportunity to coach in 2020 is loneliness. Especially entrepreneurs and artists. Loneliness compounded by lack of support and even discouragement from their loved ones. Especially immediate family. That too in a year that has been very tough to navigate.

One thing that has helped is to not try to defend what you are pursuing. Do not attempt to protect it. If you do, you only perceive more attack from the world around you.

Stay connected to who you are. Your essence. In the moment. Every moment. And you will know whether you are on the right path.

Do not give more energy to the disagreements. Do not feed into or react to other people’s egos. Do not try to push your ideas into someone.

Increase your capacity to be loving. To be YOU. To not bother about what anyone else is going to think about it.

Someone said “relationships are the crucible for awakening”. They can send us to places that can be very painful. Please do not hesitate to seek professional support to navigate such situations.

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