A coachee said he meditates every morning. It feels great. But after that, the madness of the world hits him. “Is it possible to access freedom and peace while going about our life and work?” he asked.

A loud yes!

Here are a few things I learnt/experienced in the last few years:

I learnt from Arul Dev about static and dynamic practices. Static practices are the ones you plan for a specific time during the day. Like a morning #meditation. A dynamic practice is one that you do throughout the day, whenever you want to. Like watching your natural breath or meditating along with work.

I learnt from Balachandhran V (father of famous veena player Ramana Balachandhran) about coming from a state of pure #awareness every moment. He put me back in touch with the work of Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Ramana Maharshi says:
“Solitude is in the mind of a man. One man may be in the thick of the world and yet maintain perfect serenity of mind. Such a person is always in solitude. Another may live in the forest but still be unable to control his mind. He cannot be said to be in solitude.”

Maghribi says:
“What you are seeking in your retreat, I see clearly in every road and alley way.”

Photo by KE ATLAS on Unsplash

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