One of my coachees is transitioning.

From a senior leadership role in an area he knows like the back of his palm. An area where he is well respected.

To a role in an area he has wanted to work in for a long time now. An area he has enjoyed connecting to whenever he has got limited exposure in the past. An area that is new to him.

He is feeling uncomfortable and is evaluating whether to go back to the familiar old area.

The zone of transition may be a difficult one for many. The old is coming to an end. The new is not yet fully within reach. It’s like being in a tunnel not fully knowing what is in store at the other end.

The key is to persist. To stay connected to the present moment. To open the mind to new possibilities. To new light and learning. To creative ways of manifesting.

The future is bright!

Photo by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash

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