Inner peace

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace” – Dalai Lama

This one quote has helped me a lot in the last one year.

One area I have been working on is coming from a place of inner peace whenever I interact with my child. What my child does is sometimes not in tune with my beliefs or the way I grew up. It triggers me. Shakes my inner peace. For instance, I get angry when he does some things in his online school classes that is not as per the ‘rules’. When I reflect, I often find that the way I respond to those situations is not what I would have liked to. Especially when I have a day packed with work and the classes take a lot of my time away.

When I come from a place of inner peace, I do not get triggered into an automatic response. I am able to pause and respond with something better. Something that is more useful to me. To my child. To others around me.

I am not fully there yet. But definitely getting better at it.

Photo by Snappy Shutters on Unsplash

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