Our beliefs are our personal truths. We bring them to work every day.

A common belief I see among many of my coaching clients is that remote work is not productive. Imagine this: The place where I did one of my coaching certifications also believed this for a long time. This served them well till it was possible for everyone to work out of one location or meet in person.

When the pandemic started last year, the environment changed. Many continued to operate with the same belief. But it was not in tune with the new environment. Those who were able to reframe their beliefs, understand what can be done remotely and adapt survived. Those who didn’t got badly hit.

One year later, the pandemic is hitting all of us hard again. Please evaluate your beliefs. See which ones serve you now and which ones don’t.

For example, do not make your employees come to office in today’s situation if work can be done remotely.

Is remote work possible and is your manager/company still making you commute to work today? If yes, its time for you to move on. Or the right time to get them a coach to work on their beliefs 🙂

Photo by Alison Pang on Unsplash

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