Here is a collection of articles I wrote on the science behind music in “Saamagaana – The First Melody“, a monthly magazine on Indian Classical Music. The intent is to help readers understand a bit more about the science behind music and musical instruments and to enhance their appreciation of the same.

Part 1 – What is music? What is noise?

Part 2 – The sound of strings

Part 3 – Strings attached

Part 4 – The how and why of microphones

Part 5 – Not so sound

Part 6 – Sounds, spaces and singing


Article in Sruti magazine on the synthetic “ethical vegan” mridangam:



The Qs for Aalaap:

Interview with Vyasarpadi Kothandaraman, Nadaswaram artist:

Interview with Sai Shravanam, sound designer and musician:

Interview with Abhishek Raghuram, Carnatic musician:

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