I am an award winning professional musician and educator who has performed in more than 500 concerts. I play the mridangam which is a percussion instrument used in Indian classical music.

I learnt mridangam from Shri T.R. Dhandapany and the legendary Padma Vibhushan Sangeeta Kalanidhi Dr. Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman. I also trained in singing Hindustani Dhrupad classical music with the renowned Padma Shri Gundecha Brothers and Ustad Niloy Ahsan.

I teach music to students across the globe with ages ranging from 3 years to 65 years.

Please email me at if you are interested in a performance or in learning music.

52 thoughts on “Musician

  1. Could you please let me know when are competitions held at Music academy & narada gana Sabhas etc in chennai

    1. Not sure Jairam. Will have to check. Music Academy competition details should be available on their web site.

  2. Now that the Music Season is concluding, will there be any concerts / competitions in any of Sabhas of Chennai after January end.From where can I get this info?

  3. Glad to meet you here sir. I came across your blog while surfing the net for articles about Bhagavatar Sri Jon B Higgins.



  4. Dear Ram:

    I stumbled on your blog site while looking for today’s concerts. Hope to see/meet you in person on Sunday (14/10/2012) at the mini hall. I have had a very positive experience at the mini hall — the youngsters’ performances are wonderful.


  5. Dear Ram:

    I attended the concertand enjoyed it because I knew some of the ragas. I enjoyed your Thani as well. I could not wait longer after the end. Sure to meet you soon.


  6. Nice to know that you are “well employed” in music while earning a good position in a “regular” career. Wish there were more people like you who will not let their talent get submerged in the daily grind of life. Best wishes to you. May your tribe increase.

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