Dunking + other regular stuff

Dunking is one of the traditions started by the founding batch (or the batch next to it …. I am not sure) and is religiously followed every year. The birthday boy or girl is dunked into the campus swimming pool. It usually happens that one or two more innocent souls also get dunked in the enthusiasm, although they may not be having their birthday on that day.

Went to a dunking ceremony 3 days back. Two birthday boys got dunked. Someone called out another name from behind the pool ….. maybe he was looking for that guy … when the attention of all present there turned towards the guy in question and he was also dunked. I am not revealing the name for fear of getting myself dunked.

Couldn’t post yesterday due to some problem with this website. We had an interesting “group activities” session yesterday. Had different tasks given which were to be achieved in teams. Was a good learning experience. Had a lot of fun too.

Saw two more movies on DVD yesterday (old ones) – “My Cousin Vinny” and “Mousehunt”. Went to Hyderabad in the night to celebrate the birthday of a friend. This was the first time I ventured out of campus since arriving here. Felt good to see the entrance gate after such a long time. Seven of us went to this place called “Ohri’s” in Banjara Hills. Had good north Indian dinner. Don’t know when I will get the next chance to go to the city, with a really tight schedule expected from next week onwards when Term1 begins.

The batch size this year seems to be around 347. The intial target was 320 which makes the number 27 more than expected. ISB says that the number is 19 more than expected due to a sudden increase in the number of waitlisted people accepting offers, contrary to trends seen in previous years.

Term 1 classes start next week and going by what seniors say, its going to be really tough. So most of us are trying to have whatever fun we can, this week.

Going to put my clothes for washing in the laundromat. Will be back soon with some photos of this beautiful campus.

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