Party, party and party hard …..

Yesterday night, our batch threw a big farewell party for all alumni who were there on campus. They have been extremely helpful and this is the least we could probably do as a mark of appreciation from our side. They were offered free beer. I came back from the party at 3AM after dancing for some time and playing table tennis in the TT room near the dance floor (which was the mirror pool in our student village) for the rest of the time.


The alumni also gave lots of presentations yesterday about how to survive on campus, how to manage acads along with socializing, how to take forward clubs like the sports club etc.. There was a presentation by Tarandeep Singh Ahuja, last year’s topper and as expected he said that we have to study very very hard to survive here. Someone from the audience asked – “If all this is what we have to do to survive, what do we do to excel?” There was also a presentation by Siddharth Sinha about the general life @ ISB. It was a very humorous one and Siddharth got a standing ovation for 2 minutes from our class when he finished. I think he is joining as a COO in some company …. some are telling that he is joining Apollo Hospitals …. I am not sure. There was also a presentation on stress management earlier in the evening by a psychiatrist which increased my stress levels and just fell short of psyching me out.


On the acad front, we had a listening session on Thursday and a group dynamics session yesterday. The group dynamics session was video-taped and played back so that we could observe how we went about the given task and learn from whatever mistakes we committed. It was a good fun-filled learning experience.


Classes start from Monday and from what I hear, we have to read more than 350 pages of our course material + prescribed textbooks before we land in the class. We also need to discuss some case studies and be prepared before we face the prof. I have started feeling the heat and its going to be really tough.


Feeling really sleepy after the late night stint yesterday ……. was thinking of reading the course materials but will have to postpone that ….. will upload the photos promised later …… zzzzzz zzz zzz zzz

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