Classes begin !!!!

We had our first class of Term 1 yesterday- “managerial economics” taken by Prof. Amit Bubna of ISB. Prof Amit looks really young. You could easily mistake him for one of the students. He connected well with us. We then had a “marketing management” class taken by Prof. Scott Ward. He was just too good. He is from Wharton and has received the “Excellence in Teaching” award 7 times from Wharton’s MBA students. To read more about him click here.

One of our batchmates got engaged and he was dunked yesterday. Needless to say Amit was also dunked along with him. Earlier Amit used to come with his mobile phone, wallet, wristwatch etc and had trouble handing all his stuff over to a bystander. These days he comes empty handed (read prepared) for getting dunked. If you are wondering what’s all this dunking and Amit about, please read my earlier posts.

My section has classes from 2:30PM to 7PM, Monday to Thursday every week. From what we have heard from our alums, we will get so many assignments that we won’t have any free time in the weekends. The alums who were here on campus have all gone back. A special THANKS to all of them for helping us settle here and for giving us all the GYAAN.

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