Talent Nite followed by Labour Day

Yesterday we had the “Talent Nite” where the stundents of Class of 2006 and their families showcased their talent on stage. We had songs sung by the music group, traditional kuchipudi dance recital, salsa, tango, bhangra, kids fashion show, lifestyle show (fashion show put up by the Class of 2006), skits, monoacting, poetry, exhibition of photographs ….. and the list goes on and on. So much of talent around in the campus !!! The kids stole the show with their attire. (For people who might be wondering where did kids come from : there are married students in ISB who come along with their wife and kids and they form an integral part of the ISB family).Well talent nite is now over and today is Labour Day …. and synonymously all the slogging has started. There are some 350 odd pages to be read before the first class for two of the subjects and there is also a marketing case to be prepared. So everyone is slogging it out either individually or in groups. The ride starts tomorrow and looks like its going to be real tough.

On a happier note …. yesterday we had one more dunking session in which 12-13 people got dunked. Only one of them was the birthday boy. Rest were just picked up and thrown into the pool by the crowd. My close friend Amit gets dunked everytime anyone has a birthday. I was not disclosing his name in one of my previous posts but it became difficult to refer to him everytime; so decided to come out with his name. Amit got dunked yesterday too. We are thinking of dunking him everyday now and he is busy making escape plans.

Eyes are almost closing, sleep is taking over me and I am struggling to stay awake. I have to read another 270 pages before I go to class tomorrow. Luckily my classes are there in the afternoon this term. So I will get some time to study tomorrow morning also. Thats it then for today.

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