First assignment over !!!

My study group finished the first serious assignment of Term1 just a few minutes back. It was a marketing case study. Hope the solutions proposed don’t come as a shock to the professor … will have to wait and watch his reactions in the class tomorrow. Hope he doesn’t read it before he comes (or read our solutions aloud in the class). We decided not to use the product on which our assignment was based, for the rest of our lives. Its another thing that we tried our level best to create a really good (read funny) marketing plan for it.

Feeling a bit relaxed. One more assignment to be completed before 8AM tomorrow. Had thought of spending this weekend studying at least some portion of what was taught last week. Assignments ate away all the time. Looks like the backlog will keep increasing.

Have to go now …. one more assignment deserves yours truly’s attention. I better complete it fast and catch some sleep. Wish me luck !!!

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