The plot thickens !!!

Our professors are really humorous, especially the ones for stats and marketing. Their instant wit rocks !!!! Heard this yesterday from a friend of mine in the other section: The stats prof (Robert Stine) was showing some data which didn’t seem to follow any pattern. The distribution seemed to grow denser from left to right. One of the students asked Prof.Stine – “How would you name this distribution?”. Prof Stine says – well you can call it the increasing density distribution. But I would say that “the plot thickens“.

While working in office, we used to anxiously wait for the weekends to come so that we could relax, spend time with the family and if time permits, chill out with friends. In ISB, it seems as though we do not want the weekends to come. Looks like students wait for the weekdays to come so that there are no more lengthy assignments to do.

I have now got used to the locations of the different student villages, the class rooms, the recreation centre etc.. It was initially difficult for me to find my way through to any classroom and then find the way back to my student village. Had to completely trust the signs in the corridor of the acad centre to reach anywhere.

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