Its weekend :-(

Its weekend and we again have assignments to complete. The load is supposed to be less as compared to last week as we need not submit the marketing assignment for grading this time. Thinking of going to the city tomorrow. Have seen the ISB gate only once since I arrived here.

We have a football match today between the sections. My section (D) again plays section C and as usual I will be there to cheer my mates. I think my section is the best when it comes to cheering from the sidelines. Revenge is the word in everyone’s minds. We narrowly lost the basketball match last week. There are also volleyball matches planned … I think it will be on next weekend’s agenda.

The stats and marketing profs joined us yesterday at the dinner table. They are so humorous and witty. Usually myself and Amit (the guy who gets dunked everytime) keep laughing after cracking some joke or the other. So what else would you expect when four like minded individuals meet? We were all laughing for the entire 30 odd minutes we spent eating. The profs found it really difficult to understand cricket & Indian politics. They said they tried to read about politics from the daily newspapers but there were too many initials in the names and it was really difficult to remember who is who. Wondering whether they read some local south indian newspaper !!!

We were busy explaining things like “why the batsman is not given out LBW everytime the ball hits him on the pads?”, “what is a lakh and what is a crore?”, “which is bigger – Tata or Reliance” etc.. The profs are trying to follow the ads on TV. They especially liked the Tata Indica ad where the guy in question gets punched whenever he says something or even remains silent.

Met a guy today who told that he had not been sleeping before 4AM daily. Looks like we are all turning into owls. I start sleeping whenever I open any textbook and so am usually down by 10:30PM, unless of course when I am roaming around, chatting with friends or playing TT.

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