We have name cards here indicating our seat in the class. Yesterday, somehow the name cards got shuffled (accidentally, as claimed) and the seating arrangement was the exact mirror image of the usual one. It was real fun watching people getting into the class, seeing someone else sitting in their seat and getting thoroughly confused. Luckily I went slightly earlier when there weren’t many people and so had to suffer lesser embarassment. It was more fun watching the people who entered right on time when the class began. The class was almost full by then and they really didn’t know what had happened. One guy in fact turned towards the door thinking he had entered the wrong class !!!

Question: What do students use to get out of their rooms here more often – the doors or the windows?

Answer: The windows !!! The windows here are in fact like sliding glass doors. They are almost equivalent to the doors in height and students here find it easier to come in and go out through the window. So does that mean that anybody can enter into your room ? Of course not …. you can open the windows only from inside the room when they get locked.

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