ISB Faculty

There was a question about the ISB faculty in the isb-pgp yahoo group today. My response was: “Faculty here are probably the best you can get in the world. Many of them come from Wharton, Kellogg, LBS etc and sitting at one place you get the best in the concerned subjects to come and teach you. We, the current students, are clearly seeing this advantage in our first Term here. ISB’s visiting faculty are just too good. They stay for the entire duration of the course they teach and are very accessible.”

To know more about the faculty here, please click here . This page, I think, gives a detailed list of faculty that taught the last batch. There are some more from Wharton and Kellogg that are teaching us this term and they are not there in the list.

On to other news …. there was a volleyball match here yesterday and Section B defeated Section A. I think the scoreline was 21-19, 21-14.

This week is supposed to be a tough one with one of the mid-term exams on Friday and lots of assignments over the coming weekend.

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