Bid(ding) adieu

Before you start drawing conclusions from the title …. no …. no ….. I am not going anywhere. Two of the profs who taught us this term – Prof. Scott Ward and Prof. Robert Stine (both from Wharton) are leaving. They taught us half of their courses and the other halves would be taught by two other profs.

We had a small farewell party for the profs yesterday in one of the student villages. Had great fun. These profs are really humorous and they taught us superbly. I have already written about Prof Scott Ward in one of my previous posts. Prof Stine taught us statistics in such a way that we thoroughly enjoyed the subject. In my humble opinion, when you teach statistics, it is really difficult to make the entire class feel interested and listen to you for a full 2 hours without getting bored, especially when students are from really diverse backgrounds and many may not even have read statistics earlier. Prof Stine truly succeeded in this regard.

It really saddens us that they are leaving and makes us think whether we will be able to get such teachers for the rest of the courses. But then every single prof who comes here is really great !!! Thats what we heard from our alums and thats what we feel when we see the faculty line-up for the rest of the core terms. They are probably the best you can learn from. For example, I feel probably no one else would be able to teach us “Marketing” better than Prof. Scott Ward and then I see that there is Prof. Jagmohan Raju coming here next term. prof Raju is supposed to be an excellent teacher too. Both of them are “marketing gurus“.

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