First exam @ ISB

Came back just now after giving my first exam at ISB – the statistics mid-term. Will come to know how (bad) it went when I get my grades/marks …. till then “no comments”. There were many sleep-deprived individuals whom I met after the exam. I am happy that I had a good night’s sleep yesterday (despite not having completed many things relevant to the exam). Will have to try my level best to stay awake late nights and study ….. keep trying without success and cannot keep my eyes open after about 11 – 11:30PM, unless I am chatting with friends or roaming around aimlessly.

Prof Waterman took over from where Prof Stine had left and took his first class of statistics yesterday. He is a “no non-sense” type of guy … very punctual, sticks to the subject, no jokes …. teaches really well. As is the case with the marketing profs, Prof Waterman also has a style very different from his predecessor.

Some of us are thinking of going to Hyderabad today … don’t know if the plan would materialize though.

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