(An “outlier” is a statistical term which refers to an observation that deviates so much from the other observations in a distribution of data ……. )

Marks/grade obtained by my study group in the first marketing case study – a perfect example of an “outlier”. Our marks are so different from the rest of the study groups here. It seems we have broken all records . We seem to have been left behind by almost all the groups in our batch !!! Feeling sad and disappointed 😦

There is a statistics exam this Friday and I am at least happy that I now know what an outlier is (from practical experience).

Moving on ….. Prof. Asim Ansari will teach us the rest of the marketing course for the first term and we had our first class with him today. He takes over the reins from Prof. Scott Ward. I found a lot of differences in their teaching styles. Prof Ward had a style of his own which is difficult to describe. He would take up case studies to illustrate the concepts and it was a different kind of learning experience.

Two words I would associate with Prof Ansari based on the first class he took for us today would be “subtle humor“. As a part of the exercises we did in class today, we had a questionnaire (for something called conjoint analysis) where we had to imagine that we were in the market for relationships. We had to rank “prospective candidates” with whom we would like to bond based on certain criteria. It was really interesting to hear the doubts some people had and the clarifications the professor gave for the same.

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