Movie marathon

Have been watching a lot of movies to kill time. Went to PRASADS multiplex in Hyderabad yesterday to watch “D-Company”. Went to the ISB DVD library just 5 minutes after the exams got over but couldn’t find any good movies as other students had already got them issued. Watched whatever I could find.

Yesterday the movie “Alexander” was screened in the ISB auditorium. The movie was just pathetic and downright boring. Couldn’t bear the torture and was one of the few last guys to stage a walk out at half-time.

A few of us were planning to get up early today to watch peacocks. Peacocks come to the campus early morning every day and can be generally spotted en-route to the ISB main gate or at the back side of the student villages. But sleep got the better of us and we woke up very late. Will try again tomorrow morning.

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