Cricket: Students ‘vs’ Faculty

We had an exciting game of cricket yesterday between the students and the faculty & staff. It was a two inning game with two different set of players representing their teams in each inning. Though the students won the game, I think the day’s hero was Prof. Mudit Kapoor. He, almost single-handedly, gave his team a convincing lead during the first innings. I think he made around 75 runs of the 93 odd that the faculty team made in the first innings and stood unbeaten in the end.

Went to Hyderabad yesterday. Couple of my friends wanted to buy footwear and swimming trunks and I was happy to give them company. Spent a lot of time roaming around in Hyderabad Central, which is a mall near Punjagutta in Hyderabad. Met a lot of fellow ISBians there. Whoever had not gone home for the term break seemed to be there in Hyderabad Central yesterday.

We had a jam session yesterday which started at about 11PM and went on till about 3:30AM. Was there all the time happily singing along with the crowd. Went to the pool and dunked two birthday boys. Got myself dunked as well.

Finished watching “Rainman” on DVD just now. Awesome movie. Old movie but really worth watching the way Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise have played their roles. Had heard a lot of praise for the movie earlier and am really happy that I got to see it finally.

Term 2 starts from Monday and its just a day more for the term break to get over. Time just flies by ……..

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