Does diversity help?

You must have heard a lot that diversity is one of the factors that many of the top B-schools, including ISB, look for. How does diversity help?

Take the case of our batch. Every time we have had a case study on a company or an industry, we have had someone in our class from that company or related to that industry available to provide us an insider’s view. We have had knowledgeable batchmates giving good insights on the industry from which they came during discussions in the class or in offline sessions. For example, we have a guy with more than 10 years of FMCG experience and he knows the industry inside out. He is just like a walking encyclopedia and there is something new learnt whenever we talk to him.

We have very good diversity in our batch (though engineers are the majority) and this I think surely goes a long way in enhancing the learning experience for students here.

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