Yet another busy weekend

This is yet another busy weekend …. 4 assignments to be done and lots of pages to be read before Monday’s class. Lots of group discussions to be done for the cases which are interesting but very time consuming, leaving little time for other things. We had classes daily for just two subjects last week. Starting next week, two more subjects will get added (Decision models & optimization “DMO” and Marketing decision making), which essentially means more reading, less fun, more assignments etc. Went to the local bookstore to see if the book for DMO was worth purchasing and was taken aback by the price (~ Rs 5K). Immediately decided to read from the copies available in the library whenever required.

We had a big party on Friday night with professional bartenders and DJ available. The party was organized by the Prez & Vice-Prezs of the Graduate Students Board (GSB) who owed us one after winning the elections. Booze was on the house. Mocktails and soft drinks were also available for teetotallers like me. Had lotsa fun.

There have been many things going on here this weekend – meetings of different clubs, sports & movies quiz, talks, mourning sessions for the grades received till now, parties to drown the sorrow, jam sesions etc. Time management is very essential !!!

Got myself enrolled into the photography club here. A photography contest is planned in the near future. Planning to take part in it.

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