“Mobile light” dinner

There is a (emergency) power outage since morning here at ISB. This however didn’t prevent the professors from taking their classes. Our classrooms here are kind of closed from all sides, devoid of (openable) windows with just two doors for entry/exit. It gets really suffocating if the centralized a/c doesn’t work which was precisely the case today. We had both the doors kept wide open and also were given extended breaks inbetween classes to go outside to get fresh air. Gensets are running and we do have lights and fans working in the student villages. We can also access internet.

A strange thing happened just sometime back when we were having dinner in the dining hall. The lights and fans which were being operated by gensets suddenly went off leaving us in total darkness. People took out their cellphones and kept the backlights on while having dinner till power was restored from the gensets. Memories of good old Delhi came back to my mind. We had long power cuts there so many times during the year that candle light dinner with the family was very common on such days, in case I came back from office early (read 9PM). The only difference this time is that we had a “mobile light” dinner here in place of a “candle light” dinner.

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