Submissions and submissions and submissions ………

Don’t remember doing anything else in the past week other than finishing assignments and submitting them one by one ……. and in case you just thought its all over, these submissions continue throughout the term. We have at least 3-4 assignments and 2 Markstrat decision submissions every week. There are at least 2-3 cases to be read and analyzed every week apart from the regular course readings. There is also a mid-term exam next week. Don’t know whether my brain will still be working when this term gets over. It managed to revive itself after Term 1 but Term 2 is even more pain.

Prof Jagmohan Raju is throwing a party for us today. It is scheduled to begin in an hour. Booze n other beverages will be sponsored by Prof. Raju. We will have to pay for other eatables. Hope Prof Raju doesn’t start talking about the Markstrat decisions we took today. The rate at which we are slogging here, we would probably need such parties every week to avoid burn-outs. Planning to see a tam movie tonight after the party.

Thats it then for now … time is precious … too many assignments are left … and then there is so much to read too 😦

Missing good old Delhi, all the people back home and most importantly my paychecks !!!

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