What the hell is this?

That was precisely my reaction when I opened the question-cum-answer booklet of the mid-term global economics exam paper today. I thought they had wrongly given me some marketing paper … could only see case study type questions everywhere. Managed to regain composure and do whatever best I could. They allowed us to take one-side single page cheat sheet to the exam and I had stuffed all I could into that sheet. Font size would have been 0.5 and it was written by yours truly in his own, truly wonderful hand writing. So you can imagine how the sheet would have looked. Two or three people were planning to get my cheat sheet photocopied initially but they ran away after they saw the wonderful job I had done with it. I think I can go in for “Rice writing” next.

We had our first class with Prof. Krishna Kumar (Global Economics) yesterday …. he was just awesome. No wonder he got the best prof award last year.

Doesn’t feel like the mid-term exams are over …. got so many more assignments and then something or the other happening tomorrow and day after. A tam movie is going to be screened tomorrow and as always I am planning to be there.

1 1/2 terms over … 6 1/2 more to go …

One thought on “What the hell is this?

  1. hey ramu
    i can surely vouch for your creative writing. By the high level of standards you have left @ DCE photocopy shop, this seems nothing. Now you realize how much effort we had to put in, for understanding your notes. never mind god bless you for those notes or I would have been still lingering in SPS’s classes. and dude rice writing is not a bad idea. or you can follow Shive Khera prophetic statement – winners dont do …. blah blah !! Just eat profs heads out – do as much ACP, DCP as you can or try a skirt and a bosom !
    – Your friend with a sharp surname–>

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