Farewell to profs ….

Three of the four Profs who taught us this term are leaving as their teaching engagement with us for this year ended today. I really liked Prof Anjani Jain. He is the vice dean of Wharton, has been teaching for about 19 years there and had been coming to ISB ever since its inception. The short speeches he gave today – one in the class and one just before the cake cutting ceremony were really inspirational.

We had a small cake-cutting ceremony. Here is a snap from the same.

Farewell to Profs

(ur L to R: Prof Aks Zaheer, Prof Anjani Jain & Prof. Ravi Bansal)

Its been raining like crazy here for the past two days, especially in the evenings. Global economics mid term exam is scheduled for day after tomorrow ….. weather is so beautiful today ….. not in a mood to study but have to.

There was a T-shirt design contest and we have almost finalized the design for our (first) section T-shirt. Keeping with the tradition, the color is black …… nothing more on this till the shirt is out.

2 thoughts on “Farewell to profs ….

  1. Cldn’t spot u in this photograph?
    Btw, Is this a small cake cutting ceremony.The cakes looks to be quite BIG.
    I got reminded of “Happy hours” in Motorola…

  2. Answer 1) I took the photograph, so can’t be there in it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Answer 2) I was on the side of the photographer, so am not there in the snap.

    Truth is 2) above.

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