lenses for chickens ?

If you thought we were still sane out here, here is the final nail in the coffin ….. the whole of last night was spent calculating the number of contact lenses to be manufactured for chickens, profit that can be achieved from this laudable activity and so many other figures of utmost importance to a company that wanted to be pioneers in this business. This activity was mandatory to finish the latest case study assignment in marketing ….. else which guy in his senses would do such things on his own ….. that too make lenses to blur the vision of the poor bird and not improve it.

Guess what …. the product was discovered by accident ….. now don’t start comparing this to penicillin or some other stuff that came out of serendipity.

In case you are unable to resist yourself from going cuckoo over cocks and hens, google out “optical distortion, inc” or “animalens”.

Discussion on this case in today’s class with Prof. Jagmohan Raju was one of the most interesting and humorous ones we have had till date. A few topics for discussion in the class as well as though mails were:
1) To debeak or not to debeak
2) Who might be your future competitors in this business – Bausch & Lomb ?
3) Can the company’s CEO or VP or whoever live up to his dreams of growing taller than IBM by running this business?
4) What would be your company’s positioning statement?
5) What other modifications can you make in chickens to achieve the same objectives?

…… and so on ……

There are chances of our section party happening this Saturday. Such parties remind you that there is something more to life than just assignments and case studies.

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