My study group

Our class @ ISB is divided into study groups. Each group has 4-6 members. You can do many things within your study group though the only thing you end up doing together generally is solving group assignments and participating in any group activities that may come up. My study group includes me (of course), Stud, Condi, Heroine, Cyclo & CFO. Shouldn’t take you much time to figure out who out of this is the only girl in the group. Plan to stick to these nicknames in my future posts, though changes may be done depending on the extent of opposition, if any, from my group mates.

Stud shows a lot of enthu in all activities, be it studies or sports, and is very hard working. Condi brings in “out of the box” ideas and is very intelligent and active whenever he is around. Heroine and Stud keep fighting all the time over something or the other and the fights turn physical many a times …. I think I am in for a bashing tomorrow 😉 Cyclo is the Mr. Know It All. He has so much of experience that he can answer almost all questions you can think of related to business, marketing etc. He is a walking encyclopedia. CFO is the excel expert. His main activity is cribbing about how bad he is doing here @ ISB, though his grades tell a completely different story. He is always found talking about returning back home by the next available train (no flights he says coz there is no money). He is very quick in almost all of Bill Gates’ products and is very well organized.

We played a retailer simulation game in the “Decision Models and Optimization” class today and came first !!! Was a really nice feeling being at the other end of the spectrum for once, though my contribution was close to zero. All credits go to Stud for burning the midnight oil and devising a strategy to crack the game.

More study group tales in the coming posts …..

2 thoughts on “My study group

  1. Correction: The CFO also talks about bartering an AC 3-tier train ticket for a 2nd class ticket due to budget cuts!! 🙂


  2. I can visualise heroine throwing a chair at you, stud kicking you from the back, CFO inserting data on the excel sheet so that this action can be monte carloed, and cyclo providing an interesting commentary on the whole thing!

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