Term 2 drawing to a close

This is the last week of classes in Term 2 and we are not done yet with all the assignments. There has been a phenomenal increase in the number of assignments to be done this term as compared to the last one. There is a competitive strategy project which has the last date for submission set after the exams are over. This term has been really action packed and much more stressful than Term 1. As each term goes by, I keep learning from my mistakes as to how to manage time better.

For those of you who plan to apply to ISB and are not aware … there is a yahoo group called “isb-pgp” where a number of current students and alumni answer questions posted by applicants. Might be beneficial to join the group in case you are applying this year or plan to apply in the future

Best of luck to all applicants !!!!

….. and ….. forgot to mention this ….. I am a part of the “Admissions Task Force” for this year’s admissions.

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