Rains, rains and more rains ….

Its been raining like crazy here. It rained almost non-stop yesterday and its been raining intermittently today too …. and guess what all of us are doing here???? Cracking assignments …. shit … how boring. Life would have been wonderful had there been “garm garm pakode” or “samose” and I would have just been sitting in some cozy thing by the side of the window and enjoying the awesome weather. Not that I am not enjoying the weather here now …. a window is there and so is a chair (which is not very cozy) …. but there are no pakode …. only books, notes and a laptop to keep company. The mention of books reminds me …. end term exams are on 18th & 19th July and there is just this week left …. which also means that the frequency of my posts in this blog is going to go down .. not that I usually post that frequently or write anything great though.

Planning to go to Chennai (not to home in Delhi) this term break coz mom has come there and its been a long time since I saw her or any other kith ‘n’ kin and had home made food. May not get another chance to venture out of ISB in the other term breaks coz something or the other is supposed to be lined up. Can’t wait for July 19th to arrive …….. chennai: here I come.

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