Last Class of Term 2

Had the last class of Term 2 today – Global Economics by Prof.Krishna Kumar. Awesome teacher with a very good knowledge of the subject, though he was going at rocket speed today because there was lot to be covered. There are two schools of thought in macroeconomics – “The Classical Approach” and “The Keynesian Approach”. Prof Krishna belongs to the former school and never loses an opportunity to criticize the Keynesians (who belong to the other school). He shows us different portions of the “Commanding Heights” video in every class. Its been sort of happening consistently that the entire class bursts out laughing whenever there is any comment made by George W Bush in the video.

Not feeling well … just 3 more days to exams … have to recuperate fast and try do something. Tickets for the chennai trip have arrived … thats probably the only thing to feel happy about today.

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