Attention ISB Applicants – ISB Info Sessions Calendar

This is for people who are applying this year to ISB or are thinking of doing so sometime in the future …. ISB info sessions will be held in different cities this year too as in the past. For more details on the same (& for registration info), please click here.

Free feel to mail the current students and alumni @ in case you have any queries.

Its started raining rather heavily again in Hyderabad. In this awesome weather, folks in my section are actually having fun recollecting through mails, humorous incidences that happened this term in the class.

Generally there is a flurry of mails on some topic or the other a day or two before before the exams and people continue spamming on the topic for almost the entire day. Last term the topic was a fictitious visit to Golconda fort and everone sort of went crazy applying whatever they had learnt last term to whatever they wanted to write in their mails. People started writing about externalities, moral hazards and what not. Wonder what is going to be the topic this term.

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